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“... We touch things to assure ourselves of reality. We touch the objects of our love. We touch the things we form. Our tactile experiences are elemental. If we reduce their range … we grow lopsided .” -- Anni Albers

"The earth laughs in flowers."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

i think about this quote all the time

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surround yourself with people who

  • praise you because they mean it
  • don’t want anything but your company
  • do their best to understand you
  • you feel like you can confront if you need to
  • (know they can confront you lovingly in turn)
  • make you feel comfortable
  • stick with you through good and bad times
  • are positive influences on your everyday life

Because they mean it, 

Not cause they want something from you. 

Please understand how hard that is to find. 



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check out florist!

i am a total florist fanboy



"Do not call yourself autistic unless you’ve been diagnosed by a doctor."


"Do not call yourself autistic unless you have permission from someone who’s most likely wealthy and neurotypical."

Do people not realize how ableist that is?



I’ve gotten a smattering of e-mails about the NO GODS NO MASTERS NO LINEAR FUCKING TIME print in the last few weeks—For your FYI, I’m extremely sold out of it, but I am doing a reprint of it this month in advance of my April show at Sub Rosa.




what was the reasoning behind this


gmo shit right there

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Girls reenacting boy selfies II

omfg i love this



Here’s a 4 page preview of my first ever minicomic! I also posted a fifth in-progress image earlier. The full 13-page comic is available on Gumroad for a dollar.

Go take a look!




life goals: a 1k selfie and a sugar daddy

* parent